Friday, May 28, 2010

The Beginning

As so many Americans have, I lost my job ... 6 months ago. It's really rough when you start actually counting! I have been applying for jobs and getting minor nibbles at first and fewer as time has gone on.

I've decided that I need something to keep me occupied and my brain working rather than diving into more of my favorite trash novels. And though I love doing the accounting and other basic business admin for my husband's business, it's not enough.

So, I've decided to make my crafting pay for itself. It would be lovely if this was the NEXT BIG THING!!!! but I have no delusions of so much grandeur. I'm starting with hand embroidered clothes for kids and stuffed monsters.

Sounds simple ... but then you get the lawyers involved. Don't get me wrong, I have some very good friends that are lawyers, but let's be honest ... they make it complicated. So, instead of just figuring out how to make these things, I have to figure out how they have to be labeled and whether they need to be tested so that I'm compliant with all federal regulations.

Luckily, the clothing is in the clear other than the labeling. For those labels, I have to be compliant with both the CPSIA and the FTC. For those out there that might also be looking into it, here are some links to help:

The sticking point I'm running into right now is whether I have to have my monsters tested by a third party lab. If so then I have to decide if those hoops are worth jumping through.

So, I'm heading into the home stretch on the store. Waiting to get the final logo art back from the graphic designer, figure out how to best label the products I'm making, how to best photograph everything, the layout for this blog and my stand-alone website, plus the complications of getting everything setup on Etsy .... I'm hoping I'm getting closer :)


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