Thursday, July 15, 2010

So ... are you ever going to post again???

You ever notice that it's almost not worth going on vacation?

You come back to all the stuff you normally do plus all the stuff that didn't get done while you were away.

 Ok, enough whining :)  I will say that I'm really hoping to have a couple of posts up next week ... with pictures!  And I'm hoping to get some of the new shirts and monsters that I have been working on up on my Etsy site for next week.  

In the meantime, this week I'm working to get caught up on my college coursework that I meant to work on while on vacation, but for some reason visiting with family and reading books with no socially redeemable value was more fun!  (And did I mention my overly developed procrastination gene???)

I'm working on some new shirt designs and some other new stuff for my Etsy store, so keep coming back for updates!  I promise I'm going to keep coming here to post ... even if life gets hectic!   :)


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