Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hand Quilting!!!

This is the saga of the quilt that I just can't complete.  My poor sister is the most patient person ever.  This quilt was supposed to be completed for her undergraduate graduation.  She has since gone into the workforce, back to law school, graduated from law school and back into the workforce.

I KNOW!  I'm a perfectionist and just couldn't let go of this project because I wanted it to be perfect.  Since I've been on a roll and actually completing projects, I added this to my to-do list of things that must be done this summer.

I kicked it off before July 4th, thinking I would knock it out and could get it to my sister when I saw her on July 4th, but it was not to be.  I decided I'm actually going to try to hand quilt this sucker so needless to say it's taking some time. Plus did I mention these college classes I'm taking?  Whose bright idea was that anyway?  They are sucking up all my time ... could be that week I took off ... nah, that couldn't possibly be it.

I'm very proud of myself.  I have never done more than test scraps for hand quilting and I think this is starting to look pretty darn good!

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!  When I finally finish the quilting, I'll give the full story on this project ... now to get back to work!

Diagonal Quilting    
Hand pieced Sawtooth Star with diagonal hand quilting
Fairy Focus Fabric hand quilted

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