Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Cleaning???

Is that even a common term?  Anyway ... I'm working on reorganizing my craft space for like the 5th time this year.  Yes, I know!  It's a disease.  Fortunately, my hubby is very understanding as long as he doesn't have to really do anything ;)

In this case, he did have to help me move the massive hutch we have in our center room.  With the start of prolonged fall-like weather (meaning it will only get into the 60s with 70s and 80s still sprinkled in there because it IS Texas after all), I felt it was necessary to unearth the fireplace that I covered up with my junk crafting supplies this summer.

And NO I wasn't procrastinating on actually working on stuff ... okay, maybe a little, but I actually got two new projects started and completed.  Granted they didn't turn out the way I thought, but at least they're not constantly running around in my head anymore :)

Here is a picture after we moved the hutch but before I stuck all the stuff back in it. I was worried I might have to nudge it into a better location after I moved around some of the other furniture.

I wish I could claim that all the mess was because of the reorganization.  Unfortunately, I think it has more to do with my pack rat nature than anything else ... ok, fine it also has to do with my inability to actually FINISH a project :)

Here are a couple of in-process pictures.
This is with my big metal rack moved into place and a lot of stuff moved out into the hallway :)

Much closer with most of the stuff back where it should be and me playing with my craft table arrangement.

And the moment you have all been breathlessly waiting for (drum roll please!) ....

I still have too much stuff in this room, but I think it's just going to continue to be a problem ... at least I cleared the space in front of the fireplace (that you can't see, but it's off to the right).

Here's my new craft space.  Under the cutting mat table, I have two sets of plastic drawers with all of my notions for sewing and various things like buttons, interfacing, etc.

I'm pretty pleased with it - still have some organization to do.  Like where do I stick all my craft books that I use for inspiration.  I'm thinking I may have to finish some projects to make room for more ... ;)

I'm planning on getting a fair amount of crafting done this week as next week heralds some changes for the next 5 weeks.  I'll keep you posted as things develop ...


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