Monday, November 1, 2010

Post-Halloween Photo Roundup

I will admit that I had a bit of fun getting M'Lou dressed up for the costume party Saturday night.  She was a dance-aholic all night long and I don't think it was just the costume ;)

This is my take on 80's chic :)  
The best part is that all of this is stuff she had in her closet.  Gotta love budget costumes!

Here are a couple of pics from Halloween Day.  We headed to the Arboretum with friends and went trick-or-treating there.  Good thing because we weren't feeling up to the actual nighttime trick-or-treating - or at least I wasn't. We had nap mutiny and I wasn't ready for the hysterics ... meaning mine ;)

I think she always has more fun at the Arboretum than we do - except when we want to leave and she's still running around like a hooligan or we won't let her into the restricted areas (really that rope is there for a reason ...)

And to end the post, a new word that M'Lou somehow learned ... it's a mystery how she learned this word!
For those that do not speak M'Lou, she is saying 'candy'.  Like I said a MYSTERY how she learned this word at this time of year ...


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