Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life and Cobbler

I realized that I've gotten consumed with my classes again and have neglected my posting.  I'm really hopeful that after this week it will all slow down since my classes will be pretty much over.

So let's see I have been working on a new website for M'Lou Designs as part of my class for web design.  Here's a sneak peek:

I'm still working out some of the kinks in the code and the content, but I'm hoping to have it up and active in the next couple of weeks.

Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions for the website!

So other projects that I've been working on:

Fabric infant activity balls
I've made two now, but I'm working on refining my technique and not directly copying what other people have done ... not an easy task.  I'll try to get some images up soon (I know, promises, promises).

Kids Clothing
I'm working on altering a couple of flower girl dresses for a friend.  Thankfully, it's pretty straightforward and all I have to do is shorten the straps, but it's my challenge for the week :)

We bought an ice cream maker from Target for like $13, so we have experimented with a gelato recipe.  We need more practice is all I'll say about that ;) I'm hoping that I'll have some time next week to try out some fruit ice cream/gelato recipes.  I'll let you know if I find anything good!

I did have some success this week with a recipe from Real Simple.  If you haven't seen their shortcut recipes, you need to check them out.  They provide some great recipes that don't take much time especially when compared to what you spend on it if you made it from scratch.

The recipe was for fruit cobbler.  See the full recipe here

The only issue I had was that I wanted to make cherry cobbler and didn't want to use fresh fruit and my grocery store didn't have frozen cherries.  So I improvised by using canned cherries.

This is a 21 oz can (and surprisingly was one without high fructose corn syrup) - my recommendation, and something I'm going to try next time, is to use two cans and layer the fruit and the breading from the cobbler (fruit, bread mixture, fruit, bread mixture).  Just keep in mind that the breading is going to rise so if you have a deeper dish 8x8 casserole dish or a slightly bigger dish, it will keep it from overflowing in your oven.

I'm thinking there's a peach cobbler in our future so I can try out the frozen fruit version.

Regardless, it was still really good and SUPER easy!

Okay, back to my class work so that I can wrap things up and get back to my crafting :)


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