Friday, October 15, 2010


As much as I procrastinate, I LOVE the feeling of finishing projects.  It's just this wonderful weight that lifts and means the project isn't lurking in the wings making you feel GUILTY for spending the money on the supplies and then not finishing what you started.

As a way of finishing off this week, I'm going to showcase things that were finished this week.  This week's finished projects are brought to you by the letter M, for Mom - without whom most of these projects would not have been completed.  (Thanks Mom!)

So!  First on the list is this wonderful little cross over dress by Kimberly Gladman and Favorite Things pattern designs (can be found here).  I found this great corduroy and had been saving it for something for M'Lou and then found this pattern and thought it would be perfect!  I used this other great fabric for the inside so that it would be reversible.

I also learned how to use the automatic buttonhole foot on my sewing machine - BONUS!!

We managed to put in some fall flowers with the help of my mom.  Here's a picture of M'Lou helping her Gigi with the planting ;)

She's even modeling her little dress for you!  Granted at this point it was just held on with safety pins, but when I went to put it on her to test the size, she wouldn't let me take it off her.  I think that signals a win!

And finally, I took another great class at Make.  I took their Screen Printing class and had a blast.  Of course, I was the slowest one there, but I'm really happy with how my screen and the printing turned out.

Now to try out some other designs and make up some great things for my shop!!!!

Hope you all have great plans for the weekend!


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