Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is it a blue moon?

I know!  I posted just last week and here I go again :)

So, I am really trying to get focused and get things accomplished ... with some success.  The fall weather here is making me feel energetic (despite the fact that I'm feeling under the weather this week).

I have been rearranging furniture like a crazy person.  I have this compulsion to rearrange my rooms every couple of months.  I've been in this house longer than any other place in my life, so I think I get antsy more than I would if we actually moved where I'd really just be happy that I didn't have to pick anything up for a while :)

In more crafty news, I have been working really diligently on getting all the fairy blocks quilted, so I have been watching WAY too much reality TV via my Netflix instant watch.  Right now, I'm hooked on 'Say Yes to the Dress'.  I know it has no socially redeeming value, but it makes me feel so much better about the kind of bride I was. I'm thankful that we have some time before we have to take care of that for M'Lou.

I also bought a Cricut recently and have been playing with it to figure out what it can do and what really doesn't work.  As a side note, construction paper is not a great idea.  I'm hoping to get a cartridge with some fun cards and envelopes this week.  As soon as I do, I'll get some images posted.

In the meantime, here is a pic from our hike over the weekend.  M'Lou was able to hike almost an entire mile on this trail.  We were impressed!

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