Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Because I was bored

So ... I know I had said I would have things on the store by Monday ... well my Monday got derailed so my goal is to have things on the store by this afternoon.

Yesterday was derailed by a couple of things:
1. Signing up for some classes from our local community college
2. Looking at potential office space

So now instead of just one project (or five), I now have:

  • Business administrative and some technical stuff for my husband's company
  • Getting M'Lou Designs up and running
  • 2 summer classes (thankfully they're online programming classes)
  • Yoga - I'm committed to doing an entire month of yoga to try to jumpstart my workouts
  • Swim classes for the little one
So ... yeah ... not a lot going on in my house this summer ;)

I promise to have stuff up on Etsy today!  It just might be late :)

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