Sunday, June 13, 2010

Second Birthday Party

M'Lou's birthday is next week and we're having her party next weekend.  THAT means that we're doing yard and house cleanup this weekend and next week.

That also means that I have to do some party planning.  It's going to be a pool party as the munchkin LOVES water and then we're just going to grill out.  And by pool party I mean the kiddie pool that blows up from last year :)

So the question is now what do we do for party gifts for the kiddos attending?  I found these and now I have to make them for the party.  I'll post completed pics next week.  I had to order the chalk oil cloth since I couldn't find a place here in Dallas that sold it.  If anyone knows of a local place, let me know!

We also started swim lessons yesterday!  It was a mixed experience.  M'Lou loves the water but wasn't wild about having to stick to the program.  She was more interested in getting out and grabbing all the toys, lining them up and then jumping into the water to me.  I will say that when it was time to get out that she fought to get back in the water so despite the slightly hysterical crying about having to float on her back she wasn't scarred for life ;)  We'll see how she does next week!

Alright, now to brave the humidity and heat outside.  I'm trying to think of it as a weight-loss exercise ;)


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